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Cruises 2019 : Panama canal - Polynesia ( Marquesas Islands, Tuamotu, Gambier, Tahiti) - Micronesia (Marshall Islandes...

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Panama Canal

1. Shelter Marina, Colon - Panama City - Perlas Islands

12 days

Passage of Panama Canal from Caribbean side to the Pacific Ocean, from Shelter marina, Colon to Panama City , and exploring  the Perlas Islands



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2. Perlas Islands, Panama - Marquesas Islands

1 month

Offshore passage from Perlas islands, Panama to Marquesas Islands.


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3. Nuku Hiva - Ua Pou, Marquesas Islands

February - march
15 days
Exploration cruise

Cruising in islands of Marquesas archipelago, pushed by the tradewinds. Hiking ashore in the bush, to explore maraes and tikis, lots of Meeting the locals;wildpigs hunters and fishermen in the remote villages. Sailing to Ua Pou, beautiful island with shrap peaks and wild bays, trollfishing, surfing...

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4. Tuamotu North and South

March - August
15 days
Exploration cruise in the most beautiful Pacific 's Atoll

Sailing between the atolls of tuamotu, in the lagoons, great diving, snorkeling in the passes, troll fishing, spearfishing, swimming, SUPing, Surfing, kayaking ...


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5. Gambier (Mangareva) - Pitcairn island


Bounty History...
Unique 3 day offshore sailing from Mangareva, Archipelago of Gambier, to reach Pitcairn Island, land on the island and feel the Bounty History, meet the descendants of the Bounty mutineers and sail back to the lagoon of Mangareva, the world of pearl farms, great hiking to the top of the Mounts, snorkeling, SUP, swimming...

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6. Tahiti - Marshall Islands, Micronesia

Offshore crossing


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Voilier sauvage



7. Marshall Islands

Saling, exploration, surf, SUP, diving and more...



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