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Cruises 2017 : Vanuatu, Salomon, Fiji, Tahiti, Tuamotu, Gambier, Easter Island, Chile, Galapagos, Panama...

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1. Vanuatu - Solomon islands

Birdwatching Expedition from Vanuatu to Solomon Islands

Fully booked



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2. Solomon islands

From February 5
10 - 15 days
Cruises in the Solomon Islands from Ghizo, 10 or 15 days

Discovery New Georgia group, Santa Isabel and Santa cruz Islands, Graciosa Bay. Sailing between the islands, lagoons, reef, trollfishing, spearfishing, hiking in forests, volcanoes, SUP and surf.


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3. Fidji

Crossing from Solomon Islands to Fiji for a birdwatching expedition in Viti Levu in
March and April 2017.

Fully booked


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Bird watching


4. Tahiti -Tuamotu - Gambier

From June to September
15 days

Croisières exploration

Cruises from Tahiti to Tuamotu and Gambier from June to September
15 day cruises from Tahiti to Tuamotu for some unique sailing in the remote atolls of
Tuamotu, diving, fishing,SUP surfing,and lagoon and reef exploration in Gambier from
Mangareva in September.


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Polynésie danse

5. Gambier - Easter Island

15 - 30 September
15 days

Offshore Crossing from Mangareva, Gambier to Easter Island, Chile, about 1200 NM

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Rapa nui

6. Easter island- Arica (Chile) - Galapagos

October - November
15 days

Crossing from Easter island to Arica, Chile for a birdwatching expedition from Chile to Galapagos

Fully booked


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7. Galapagos - Panama

13 - 28 December
15 days

Crossing from Galapagos to Panama about 800 NM, with a possible step in Perlas Islands.

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