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Opinionated Traveler By David B. Goldman

Rounding the Horn
We were in Chilean waters three days out of Ushuaia and on course for Cape Horn when, as Richard Henry Dana put it in “Two Years Before the Mast,” the Horn came out to meet us.

Our sleek 60-foot, steel-hulled sloop, the Sauvage, with her crew of four, this Montecito transient and two other paying passengers had been moving along nicely, headed southwest, when the infamous williwaw wind came up and over the mountains to the north and hit us like a hammer.

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"In the icy waters where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet, fresh king crab is available just a crab pot away" says David Goldman.

Opinionated Traveler By David B. Goldman

Rounding the Horn

By David B. Goldman
Copley News Service

At 9 in the morning on the third day out, with an overcast sky and the air near freezing, the williwaw wind came thundering down the snow-covered mountains of Chilean Patagonia and slammed into us, turning the ocean white with a 50-knot force and sending 14-year-old Nino scrambling forward to take in sail.

"This," I said to myself, "is what I came for."

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ICE AGE - The Sauvage surrounded by floating ice at the Beagle Channel. CNS Photo by David B. Goldman.

Famed British traveler Ben Fogle traveled extensively throughout Britain’s remaining Empire, journeying to some of the most remote islands in the world including St Helena and Tristan Da Cunha in the South Atlantic Ocean, Pitcairn in the Pacific, Ascension, the Falklands, and British Indian Ocean Territories in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

In his book The Teatime Islands you can read about his travels on Sauvage while visiting the island of Pitcairn.

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Ben Fogle writes about traveling to Pitcairn Island aboard Sauvage in his book The Teatime Islands.

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